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Vauxhall Prospective Parliamentary Candidates 2010

Lambeth Council have listed the nominated candidates motley crew representing the Vauxhall Constituency in the Parliamentary Election on May 6th 2010.  There are rather more than candidates than initially predicted, and whatever people say, I tend to think that elections are won on sound bites and slogans.  I've therefore tried to summarise each candidate's likes and dislikes as succintly as possible so that you can avoid watching televised debates or reading tedious campaign literature.  If in doubt, just vote for the person with the best picture:

Glyn Chambers (Conservative)
Likes: Faith & parent-promoted schools, renovating council houses, ombudsman schemes & greater"say" for leaseholders, cheap home-helps, pavement/road investment, planting trees, using bicycles and progressing leisure facilities.
Dislikes: Badly behaved pets, closed lavatories and residential dustcart depots.

Jeremy Drinkall (Anticapitalists - Workers Power)
Likes: Defending council housing, stopping wars, representing trade unions, taxing wealthy people, providing unemployed people with jobs, education for the masses, Revolution and meeting fire with fire.
Dislikes: Capitalism & the "free" market, paying for the bankers' crisis, privatised academy schools, pay-cuts for workers and poverty

Joseph Healy (Green Party)
Likes: Eco-socialism, stopping wars, supporting carers, trade unions, Palestine, LGBT rights and the welfare state.
Dislikes: Spending cuts that might affect people with disabilities, benefit slashing and ID cards

Kate Hoey (Labour) - Current MP
Likes: Fox hunting, supporting Zimbabwe, accountability in football, ousting Speakers, keeping her expenses trim, causing trouble, Boris Johnson, (to be continued as her website is down)
Dislikes: The war against Iraq, global warming, the digital equality bill, Trident missiles, Lycra lout cyclists, LGBT rights and student top-up fees

James Kapetanos (The Animal Protection Party)
aka "Fantastic Mr Fox" due to lack of available photo
Likes: Foxes, badgers, bears, dogs, cats, mice, birds, reptiles, hamsters, insects, snakes, wasps, hornets, squid and vegans.
Dislikes: Fox-hunting, dissecting live animals (vivisection), hunting, animal testing and the Countryside Alliance.

Daniel Lambert (The Socialist Party)
(A rather general statement from the party, I'm afraid, due to lack of available info.)
Likes: Making the world a better place, democracy, common ownership, peace, non-discrimination and material security for all.
Dislikes: Career politicians, poor schools, poor hospitals and poor housing, wages that don't pay bills, profit in general, and the failures of the current dreary system

Larna Martin (The Christian Party)
(Another general statement from the party, I'm afraid, due to lack of available info.)
Likes: Jesus, low taxation, abolishing inheritance tax, driving fast, "reasonable force" by classroom teachers, cutting green house gases, the abolition of the FSA, public sector cuts, nuclear deterrents and her husband (whose right ear is visible here)
Dislikes: Imprisoning drug users, the sex trade, bailiffs, primary sex education, the NHS, loose border controls and redefining marriage.

Jose Navarro (English Democrats)
(Another general statement from the party, I'm afraid, due to lack of available info.)
Likes: Fiscal devolution, a market economy (but not unrestrained), expanding manufacturing, ending mass immigration, individual liberty, St George, marital families (mother, father and children), the military and improved care for the elderly.
Dislikes: The EU, stealth taxes, Scotland, political correctness and the Commission for Equality & Human Rights 

Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats)
(Can't seem to find a Vauxhall Constituency Lib Dem manifesto, so this is rather generalised)
Likes: Public transport, promoting good mental health care, being a strong voice, affordable housing, leisure facilities, local issues.
Dislikes: Identity cards and profiteering from expenses, 


Anonymous said...

Lurker, you have Kate Hoey down as disliking LGBT rights. Are you sure this is true?

Gareth said...

Hoey has unfortunately an awful record re LGBT rights, she may not have voted against any of the progressive policies of Blair /Brown in this area, but she certainly has not supported them. Stonewall I think have said that she has one of the worst voting records for LGBT issues of the Labour Party, with a large number of Tories with a better record.

SE11 Lurker said...

She has a mixed record, and she was very absent. Take a look at:

The Guardian:

To be fair, that slightly contrasts with her voting summary here, but this link gives a full breakdown, so you can decide for yourself:

To be fair, it would seem her views are mixed, but I was very much attempting a "snapshot".

Anonymous said...

thanks lurker, I will look at the links later.

gareth, your photo is scary!

Anonymous said...

It is a real shame that our MP was absent on the votes on issues that affect such a huge part of the community she represents. Her record on these issues is extremely poor.

Why would you re-elect?

Charlie Holland said...

Just to dispel fears that Kate Hoey is against cycling, she's emailed me, saying that she'll sign up to the Vote Bike manifesto of CTC - the national cyclists' organisation - when her new office broadband is up and running.

Read the manifesto at

Jim Kapetanos said...

My name is Jim Kapetanos and firstly I would like to express my thanks to the lurker for providing the most detailed list of candidates here, and secondly, approval for the use of the fabulous Mr Fox as my photo. Its a bit difficult to know a bit more about me as I don't have blag, website, fakebook or spyspace page and I don't twit. I'm not the important part of the APP campaign - unseating Kate Hoey is -the symbolism of her taking up the presidency of the countryside alliance on the day Jean Charles De Menezes was murdered is not lost on me. Kate needs to be helped to complete her journey in politics - from student revolutionary to retired reactionary. Physically she was a successful high jumper, psychically shes proving to be successful low jumper. See you at the hustings.

Londonsocialist said...

The Socialist Party works to establish a society where the natural and industrial resources of our planet are the common heritage of all humans. A world society of common ownership and democratic control, where goods and services are produced solely to satisfy human needs not profit. A society where "from each according to ability, to each according to needs" is the founding principle.
Dan Lambert
The Socialist Party candidate Vauxhall.

Joseph said...

I can understand why APP are standing against Kate Hoey and have referred once at one of the hustings to her views on fox hunting. The Green Party shares many of the views of APP on this issue.

And on the issue of her being a reactionary, I was shocked yesterday at the Vauxhall hustings when she launched into a tirade against Eastern European workers and the EU, after I had defended the rights of EU citizens to work here and refused to scapegoat them. According to Kate Hoey the UK should never have allowed the Poles etc to work here several years ago when they entered the EU but should have waited almost 10 years to do so because of increases in "racial tension" and competition for jobs.

She also declared her opposition to the EU. Wonder what her views are on the large number of British citizens living and working in the EU, which Gordon Brown referred to in last night's leaders debate. She is all over the place politically, a populist with some deeply reactionary and xenophobic views.

Stockwell Sam said...

Kate Hoey's record on LGB rights is worse than just not turning up.

Stonewall's ranking of all MPs can be found here:

They were actually quite generous in their scoring, awarding points for abstaining. Hoey's score, 14, the lowest of any Labour MP, demonstrates that she repeatedly voted against LGB rights in the bills considered.

Given that in general she only bothers turning up to votes around half the time, it's particularly impressive that she has managed to achieve such a strong record in this regard.

(I don't think any of the bills had anything to do with trans rights so technically we don't know how she feels about that. But I think I could have a pretty good guess.)

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