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2010 Election - Oval Ward Candidates

Oval Ward Candidates

Conservative - Oliver Campbell - SE11
(No photo. Can't find info. although he's mentioned on the Conservative Action Paper)

Conservative - Michelle Imperi - SW8
(No photo.  Can't find further info.)

Conservative - Nicholas Timothy - SW8
(No photo.  Can't find further info.)


English Democrats - Issam Ebarek-Rmiki - SE11
(No photo.  No further info. anywhere at all)

English Democrats - Jose Navarro - SW8
(Photo from his website, pointed to me by English Democrats)

English Democrats - Michael Perry - SE11


Green Party - Charles Boxer - SW8
(Photo supplied by candidate.  One reader notes that Charlie runs the delicatessen on Bonnington Square)

Green Party - Samuel Low - SW8

Green Party - James Staunton - SW8


Labour - (Angela) Jane Edbrooke - SE24
(Photo taken from Labour East Hampshire PPC page)
(On Twitter as @JaneinLondon)

Labour - Jack Hopkins - SW8
(Photo taken from Twitter, where he's quite active)
(On Twitter as @JackHopkins_Lab)

Labour - Karim Palant - SW9
(No photo that I can see.  I can only find snippets of info.)
(Former National Chair of Labour Students)


Liberal Democrats - Ishbel Brown - SW8
(Photo taken from Oval News blog)

Liberal Democrats - Claudette Hewitt - SW8
(Photo taken from Oval News blog)

Liberal Democrats - Andrew Sawdon - SE5
(Photo taken from Lambeth Council website)
(Current Oval Ward Councillor - in position since 1994)


This is a rather sorry state of affairs.  You'd think that some of these candidates didn't want anybody to vote for them.  They're not even listed on their own party websites.  If I've missed anybody that does have a public profile, just leave a comment and I'll add the individual in question.

Of the current Lib Dems councillors, Cllr Faye Gray is moving from Oval and standing in Vassall ward, just next door.  I'm not sure whether Cllr Robert Banks is taking a break as he has nominated candidates, but isn't standing himself.  Edit: It appears Cllr Andrew Sawdon has been an Oval Councillor on and off since 1978, but not all for Oval Ward.  Even still.  Seriously impressive.


Cllr Rob Banks said...


Just to clarify two points:
1. Andrew Sawdon has been an Oval Ward Councillor since 1994, not 1978.

2. I am not re-standing for the council myself, I have a very young family and personally I felt now was the right time to take a step back from the council, although of course I will continue to work hard for Oval ward until my last day of office. BUT I am enthusiastically backing Andrew Sawdon, Ishbel Brown and Claudette Hewitt to be the next Oval Ward Councillors and I very much hope other Oval Ward residents will do too.

Hope this helps
Cllr Rob Banks
Lib Dem, Oval Ward

SE11 Lurker said...

Cllr Banks,

The Lambeth website states that Andrew Sawdon was first elected in 1978 at the bottom of this page -

Did he represent somewhere else in Lambeth prior to 1994?

Cllr Rob Banks said...

He represented Larkhall ward from 1978 until 1982 then took a break from the council for 12 years, returning to represent Oval Ward in 1994.

Hope this helps.
Cllr Rob Banks
Lib Dem, Oval Ward

tom said...

If Robs colleagues are half as helpful as he is they deserve every vote. Very helpful with a parking ticket I would still be fighting without his intervention.

Andrea said...

Can we have clarification that Cllr Rob Banks didn't seek pre selection in any other wards in Lambeth.. I heard that he tried for Bishops..

Cllr Rob Banks said...

Yes, you can have confirmation that I did not put my name forward for any ward at any point.

The rumour you quote about me wanting to stand in Bishops is utter nonsense and indeed is the first I have heard about it!

I hope this clarification is helpful.
Cllr Rob Banks
Lib Dem Oval Ward

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