Saturday, 17 April 2010

Oval Farmers Market and the political cakes (with photos)

Popped into Oval Farmers Market this morning for one of Lara's delicious cakes from SE11 based Cakehole.  I'd heard on Twitter that she'd baked some political cakes, and I was intrigued.  Despite being reasonably early (ok, I confess that "early" on a Saturday is about 11am for me), the political cakes were very popular, and the only flavour left was in David Cameron blueberry.   I just couldn't bring myself to buy it (obviously, that's  because I'm not a blueberry fan... I wouldn't want to betray my partiality), so I went for one of those delicious looking chocolate ones.  Nom.  Nom.  Nom.  (Just noticed, but Lara was running a straw-poll on which sold first.)

The guy in the queue in front wanted of me wanted Green party cakes, which were not part of the spectrum, so perhaps in the lead-up to the General Election, we'll see an expanded range.  As Tri Porteur and companion lazed on the grass eating cake, we were surprised to be suddenly surrounded by Labour campaigning types (so, that's where they all are...) and we made our escape.

If you've not been to Oval Market, I do urge you to go.  The weather was fantastic, and there was a great range of stalls.

Also, I'm very pleased to see that the Council have got the fountains (I never realised that's what they were) working again on that piece of no-man's land in between Kennington Park Road and the junction to Brixton Rd/Camberwell New Road.  I do think though, that that whole patch could be grassed over and cleared up.  With very little investment, it wouldn't be a bad spot for a small cafe/ice-cream seller, but right now, it just looks rather cluttered with a kind of abandoned bandstand/circular bench thing and a lot of concrete bollards and pieces of hedge:

One reader tells me that the fountains represent the site of public hangings.  More on Wikipedia.  The 1984 Oval Fountains were apparently designed by architect Georgina Livingstone.


Gareth said...

they were fountains? when I finally got to St Mark's I saw the water gushing, and thought there was a bit of a burst main situation.

SE11 Lurker said...

ROFL - you really had me chuckling there! :-) That would be one hell of a burst main situation, but so typical for London...

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