Sunday, 18 May 2008

More mapping trouble and a few new markers

The longest part of establishing the Google map above was drawing the SE11 boundary. I did my best to copy it from various other online maps that also marked the boundaries between SE1, SW8, SE17 and SW9. (It took absolutely ages). However, I cannot find a way of copying the boundary from one section of the current map to the next. I can move it from one page to the next, but not actually copy it so that it exists on both pages. If anybody reading has any idea of how I can copy the marker from one section to the next via copy/paste, I'd be really grateful.

In addition, I forgot (contrary to the previous post) that the markers only move to the second page once there are 200 on the first page. That means that I can't just move all of the green markers on to the second map, without first adding lots more non-green markers to the first map.

I've added a brief review on the map for El Dorado, a Tapas bar in Vauxhall, and I've also added the Monkton Street Lambeth Comunity Care Centre in Kennington / North Lambeth. Despite Googling, I've no idea exactly what sort of community care it provides, so if discerning readers happen to know its specialism, please drop me a comment.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

The second map

Anybody that reads this blog will now notice that instead of one map of SE11 at the top of the page, there are now two. The new map is really quite irritating, but has come into being as a result of the fact that (according to the denizens of Google maps), there are no web browsers that will support the rendering of over 200 markers on one single map. The first map now contains over 200 markers of attractions, businesses, civic amenities etc, and the second map has about six random businesses on it. Since that is an unattractive state of affairs, my plan is to transfer all of the generic businesses to the second map, and leave pubs, restaurants, clubs, charities etc. on the first map. However, transferring the markers will mean considerable hard work, so don't expect instant results. Grrrr.

Also, I have a restaurant review to come...

Monday, 12 May 2008

Kennington Park

I visited Kennington Park (and also the Imperial War Museum Park in SE1) on Saturday, and consequently was able to go and have a wander in the small parade of shops up there.

It looks as though the pub on the corner, which I think was formerly "The Tankard", is nearing the end of a comprehensive refurbishment. Definitely looks as though it will be worth trying when it's finished as it has a great upstairs outdoor terrace area.

There's not a great deal more of note around there... Another dry cleaner, another Fish and chip shop (making a total of 6 in SE11), except for a motorbike shop. It hadn't occured before, but I think SE11 is an area where possible motorbike enthusiasts gather, especially considering that there's another shop on Kennington Road that repairs motorbikes, and one of the Vauxhall arches is a huge supplier. I've seen people taking motorbike lessons on Saturday mornings near Vauxhall Street and around the back of the railway arches.

Anyhow, I managed to take some fabulous pictures in a brief visit to Kennington Park, which I've added both here and on the map:

Friday, 9 May 2008

Roots and Shoots

I visited Kennington yesterday for a presentation (with lots of good slides) on small gardens, organised by the Kennington Garden Society, and given by Virginia Kennedy. The event was held at Roots and Shoots, the wildlife garden / training centre in Walnut Tree Walk. The organisation have a fabulous building, but due to the talk, I didn't get to go and have a proper look around the garden. That is definitely a trip for another day. In the meantime, I've added the Roots and Shoots blog to the Blog-roll at the side.

On the way over, I walked from Vauxhall station, where I noticed Kennington Lane Cafe, which I'd never spotted before. I didn't have time to peer in, or look at menus, so that will need to be reviewed at a later stage. It is on the map now.

Also, I finally finished adding all of the estate agents! Yay.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blue Plaque Competition!

I've been a bit neglectful of late in updating the map, so I've vowed to try and return to adding one or two markers a day.

I am just about to finish the estate agents. I found quite a good description of Kennington on the Atkinson Mcleod website from the point of view of somebody looking to rent, buy or live in the area. Obviously, from an estate agent, it focuses on SE11's strengths, but it's worth a read and can be found here:
Atkinson Mcleod Kennington area guide

I've also added the Kurdish Cultural Centre on Stannary St. I'd like to be able to say more - I know it provides a home for some of the Kurdish Community in London - but unfortunately, I think the organisation's official website has gone down. You'll see more information if I can find it anywhere.

Finally, tonight's updates include all of the Blue Plaques in SE11. Disappointingly, there are only three, and two of those are for Charlie Chaplin. However, three is a start! This I discovered from the helpful site:
Blue plaque site which is great from the point of view that you can type the beginning of a postcode into it, and get out all of the plaques in the area. Reassuringly, SE17 only has four plaques, and SE1 only has eight. I think South of the river might be rather neglected from the blue plaque point of view, considering that NW3 has (at least according to the site) forty five, and SW1, an astounding seventy two. Anyway... The other SE11 plaque is dedicated to Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery. By my reckoning (I've not seen it yet, it must be on the same site as the Oval House theatre).

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