Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Glasshouse Walk gang attack on 5th April in Vauxhall

A resident has left a comment on my post about local gangs that that deserves mention in its own post. 

Unfortunately, the commentator and a friend were attacked in SE11 on Easter Monday, after returning at 11pm from an evening out.  They were followed by 3 youths and then kicked, beaten up and mugged by a total of 6 youths, on Glasshouse Walk.  The police suggested that the incident may be a gang initiation.

I feel very sad having to report this incident because I don't think it's behaviour that is representative of the area, but I think it's worth highlighting so that everybody is extra vigilent at night.  If you heard or saw anything on Monday night, I suggest you contact Kennington Police station.

I do wonder whether we need to work out a way to have some "entire community conversations" and think about some strategies for preventing this kind of senseless crime.  Ultimately, CCTV (of which we have plenty) is always pointing the wrong way or doesn't have film, or doesn't work at night.  The police are often not in the right place at the right time (which isn't their fault).  What would be good would be if we could be a little more imaginative as a community, and think about ways that we could better look out for one another, get to know our local youth and neighbours, and maybe think about neighbourhood watch.

Does anybody have any ideas?  Recommendations?  Is there anything our councillors can do?  I believe that if we can take an innovative stand in North Lambeth, and network more effectively so that we're not strangers, we should be able to reduce the numbers of random violent attacks.  Gangs cannot function well if people recognise their members as neighbours!  How about a community meeting for all concerned local residents?  Does anybody have strategies for how violent crime has been reduced in other areas?

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