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2010 Election - Princes Ward Candidates

I'll soon be publishing Oval and Bishops wards as soon as I've had a chance to find all of the photos.  (I'm afraid I've had a nightmare with the formatting - it's a Blogger issue, sorry.)

Princes Ward Candidates

Conservative - James Bellis - SW9
(Photo taken from Conservative Kennington Action Team newsletter)

Conservative - Michael Poole-Wilson - SE11
(He was a candidate in the 2009 Princes Ward by-election)

Conservative - Richard Rajgopaul-Hicklin - SE11
(Photo was sent to be direct from candidate who states that he has been involved with Vauxhall Conservatives for 5 years)


English Democrats - Alfredo Cordal - SW9
(Photo taken from Exiled Writers)

English Democrats - John Dodds - SE1
(No photo available - the one I posted is apparently a different English Democrat John Dodds)


Green - Emily Butterworth - SE11
(Photo taken from King's College website.  Emailed candidate to confirm identity.)

(Resident in Kennington for 4 years)

Green - Joseph Healy - SE5
(Photo taken from Green MP for Vauxhall)
(He was a candidate in the Princes Ward 2009 by-election)

Green - Marcus Letts - SE11

(No info, no labelled photo and no mention of him anywhere on Green Party literature)


Labour - Lorna Campbell - SE1
(Photo taken from Lambeth Council website)
(Current Princes Ward Councillor - in position  since 2006) 

Labour - Mark Harrison - SE11
(Photo taken from Lambeth Council website)
(Current Princes Ward Councillor - in position since 2009) 

Labour - Stephen Morgan - SE11

(Photo taken from Lambeth Council website)
(Current Princes Ward Councillor - in position since 2006) 


Liberal Democrats -  Gloria Gomez Canal - SW12
(Photo taken from Aculco Radio)

Liberal Democrats - Sandra Lawman - SW2
(Photo taken from Linked In, which also has more info. about the candidate's history)
(She was a Lambeth Councillor for 11 years, between 1990 and 2002, Edit: representing Princes Ward)

Liberal Democrats - John Munro - SW9
(No info, and no mention of him  anywhere on Liberal Democrat literature.  Photo provided by Lib Dems)

As already noted by @SE11 (Cllr Mark Harrison), none of the Liberal Democrats are local.  One of them lives in Streatham.  I'm not impressed by that at all.  How is a Streatham resident meant to be fully engaged with the issues that affect residents in Princes Ward?  Perhaps there aren't any Lib Dems left in Princes ward...  Are they admitting defeat already?

On a related note, why is Lorna Campbell standing in Princes Ward and not Bishop's Ward (where she lives)?  Is there some historical reason for it?

I am quite impressed that the Green party managed to field two local candidates.  I think many people would be more prepared to consider voting for a local candidate than a paper candidate, but it is tricky to know how to vote when there is so little information available about some of the candidates.  Whilst everybody has a right to privacy, it's hard to know why to vote for somebody when they've not made public any information  about their role locally.

Oooh, I forgot to add that Jason Cobb has done a great post on the candidates in the wider area.


Sid Boggle said...

Sandra Lawman represented Princes. She did some sterling work in kicking the Lambeth administration's backside over Housing Benefit problems and seeing cases through to resolution. I think that was when Capita were "managing" the service...

Anonymous said...

did she live in the area back then?

what has happened to John Roberts?

SE11 Lurker said...

I've been reliably informed that John Roberts has taken up a voluntary work position overseas, so is not available to stand in this election.

John said...

Hi everybody, I have been lucky enough to secure voluntary internship in Asia at an educational and development centre, this includes teaching English to local school children. It was a tough decision to make having lived and volunteered in Princes ward for over 20 years. However its a once in a life time opportunity and Lambeth will always be here.

leveretdreaming said...

thanks for this - I can't find anywhere else with any info on these candidates

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