Thursday, 22 April 2010

Vauxhall Cross Island Consultation on 21st and 22nd May

I've received information from KOV that there is to be a consultation on the Vauxhall Island site, which has recently been bought by Kylun Ltd.

Kylun Ltd are giving the public a chance to visit the animals view a public exhibition at Vauxhall City Farm (165 Tyers Street) on Friday 21st May (2pm - 8pm) or Saturday 22nd May (10am - 3pm) on the proposed mixed-use development on the Vauxhall Cross island site.  Hopefully the farm will be open as usual because the exhibition provides a great chance to pop in and sample the bleating, mooing, neighing and oinking.  

Apparently, the exhibition will be a chance to view "comprehensive information" on the plans, and I hope that that will mean basic sketches or drawings so that we have a chance to see how the buildings might look from a distance, as well as how the architecture might fit alongside current buildings.  It will be very interesting to hear how Kylun hope to contribute to enhancing public transport in Vauxhall so as to reduce the current tube station overcrowding.  They'll also be providing feedback forms and polished PR executives development team members for conversation.

All site members will be notified, so do speak up if you live/work nearby and your residence/organisation is not informed.  Vauxhall Society and the Kennington Association both claim not to have been consulted re. Vauxhall Sky Gardens.

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