Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Doing the business at Kennington Cross

I tend to save up SE11 business updates for a mass posting every so often, so that the news doesn't get too bitty, but as far as I can tell:

1. We were right in our Twitter speculation about a new estate agent, but I was wrong in my prediction that they'd take a unit on Kennington Park Road. Instead, we welcome the arrival of yet another property firm. Acorn Estate, a local business have taken up an empty unit, 317(ish) on Kennington Road. So I suppose the economic recovery must be in full swing. That makes 8 estate agents on a very small stretch of road, and all of them made it through the recession. Perhaps that means that negative equity didn't hit Kennington. I was hoping that the unit might become a Surestart, or a cup-cake shop, on the basis that if you can't have social change, you can at least eat cake.

2. Thanks to one of my long term readers who pointed out in March that a new hairdressers had opened on Cleaver Street. I wandered by, quite excitedly, to ask whether they had any info. so that I could give them some publicity, and I was given a leaflet dating back to 2007! Leave a comment if you've tried them out!

3. I'm unsure what's happening with the Locker Room. I only realised that something steamy was up when people started googling the blog in large numbers for "locker room extension". This venue is not somewhere I patronise, and I can't see that they'd welcome me either, so I'm going to have to rely on you guys to fill me in.  Edit: I spoke to somebody that works there.  They have extended from 8 Cleaver Street into 10 Cleaver Street and apparently re-opened last Tuesday (27th April).

4. The Tommyfield are all a-Twit with news of their re-opening. Go to their website and submit your details for a chance to win tickets to their opening night, some time in May.


Sid Boggle said...

An "opening" for a rubbish pub? Tee hee...

Anonymous said...

Other updates: Lavender pub behind Vauxhall Spring Gardens has closed. Sign on it says it's reopening as the Black Dog soon (that's its old name).

The allotments on Glasshouse Walk belong to Lambeth Housing. They are set aside for people living in the council blocks on the Vauxhall Gardens Estate who don't have gardens. They are smaller than allotment standard plots. If you want more info then Liam Kelly at Lambeth Living is a good contact: lkelly2 /@/

They are beginning the build of the two 18 metre lit columns at the entrance to Spring Gardens (between RVT and the camera-ridden MI6 subsidiary building) on 24 May and work will take 10-12 weeks. Derek Prentice is the initiator of this project - dprentice /@/ for more info.

A "City art dealer" has made a 500k offer for the old Lord Clyde pub site on Spring Gardens. The owners are trying to get a better offer from the council. The site currently only has planning permission for a hostel.

Anonymous said...

Other update: work has begun on installing cyclescheme docking stations just off the cross, at the top of Sancroft St, and further down by the Duchy Arms. Bring on July 30.

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