Monday, 18 May 2009

Update of all 7 questions with English Democrat responses from Janus Polenceus

A quick update this morning with the seven responses to the questions I posed to all candidates. I've added Janus Polenceus' views to those of the other candidates, having received them on Friday.

I'd like at this point to add that none of the views of the candidates represent my views and that I am trying to be critical, but non-partisan in commentary on political points. I have just pasted the responses, as received, from each of the local candidates to best aid the SE11 electorate.

There are links to all of the 7 questions put to each candidate here:

1. Name three main policies for Princes Ward

2. Commitment / previous work or affiliation with Princes Ward.

3. Serving local youth and older residents.

4. Serving local people of varied income

5. Why belong to your chosen political party?

6. What do you disagree with your political party about?

7. Views on the construction of new developments in Princes Ward

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