Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Response to questions from Princes ward political candidates

Edit @ 12:45pm: Changed Lib Dems from red to green smiley as I've just received their response...

green smiley = Conservative - Yay, have returned the threewheeled one's questions.

green smiley = Labour - Yay, have returned the threewheeled one's questions.

green smiley = Green party - Have returned some general policy notes.

green happy smiley face = Liberal Democrat - no response to questions

yellow a bit smiley = English Democrat - Have promised to return questions

A quick traffic light update. I've now had a response to the email I sent about policy questions from three parties. Publication is imminent... I'm going to chase the last few people so that I can do a huge Princes Ward election post and reveal everybody's policies at the same time! If you're supporting John Roberts or Janus Polenceus, perhaps you could speak to them and encourage them to make a response, since it does not reflect well on their parties not to respond to a public request for information, especially from as illustrious a publication as Lurking about SE11...

1 comment:

Cllr Rob Banks said...

John and the Lib Dems have sent a comprehensive response to the questions, hope you find them helpful.

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