Friday, 22 May 2009

Girl gangs in Kennington?

Sadly, due to not being a full time lurker in SE11 (it's not that I have a second home elsewhere... I just have to work in north London), there are certain pieces of drama that I miss.

The Evening Standard have reported a rather odd crime in which a girl gang targeted a 41 year old woman near Hyde Park, threatened her with a BB gun and then returned her money(!). The police caught the gang in Kennington, outside the post office on Kennington Road. I can't help wondering whether they just hopped on the 159 bus and landed at Kennington bus stop, only to be cuffed by police who were tracking the bus. But that's just speculation... Anyhow, there are some rather dramatic pictures here.

One difficulty with this is that we don't know where the girls are resident. The crime doesn't exactly help the Kennington's image as a safe and friendly place to live, but they could be from anywhere in London and just happen to have been arrested in Kennington

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SJT said...

I heard that there was a stabbing on black prince road on Friday 22nd May...any news? Also two roads off Kennington Road were closed this morning.

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