Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Questions for political candidates in Princes Ward

One of the difficulties with the literature that floods through the door at election campaign time is that much of it just slags off an existing political party without putting forward any type of positive campaign. I'm never interested in how the existing party has underperformed. I want to know what the candidate intends to do that will result in positive change.

Usually, the literature is in no way comparable. I've decided to address this issue by sending the following questions/email to those who are standing in the by election, and will publish the results as soon as I receive them...

Dear Three main representatives

I would like to request you pass on the following questions to the candidates in your party who are standing in the Princes ward by election.

I wish to publish the answers to your candidates' questions on my blog, http://southeasteleven.blogspot.com/

1. Name the three main policies that you will make your platform for election in Princes Ward, eg. crime/transport/street care/environment etc. and highlight the strategies that you intend to undertake to implement the policies. Do not mention any of the opposing political parties in your answer.

2. What, if any, organisation(s) have you been involved with which demonstrate your commitment to the area, and how long have you lived/worked locally?

3. How will you demonstrate that you intend to serve the youth and older residents in Princes ward?

4. How will you demonstrate that you intend to serve those of low, modest and high income in Princes ward?

5. Name one issue that your political party advocates with which you strongly agree.(To demonstrate fidelity to your party and show why you are a member of your chosen political party)

6. Name one issue that your political party advocates with which you personally disagree.(To demonstrate independence of thought and refusal to be tied to party line)

7. Please highlight your views on the ongoing property development in Princes Ward and the SE11 area.


Anonymous said...

Well it does seem that John Roberts has been doing a lot over the past 15 years according to the lib Dem web site. what have the others actually done a part from sit on committees

John Roberts has been an active local campaigner for over 15 years - now he'll fight for us as our new Councillor.

Labour have cut money for Tenant Managed Estates like the Ethelred year after year. JOHN ROBERTS has been a 'resident member' of Ethelred Tenants Management Organisation right from the start in 1999! He works with other Estate residents to fight Labour Lambeth's cuts.

JOHN ROBERTS served as an independent member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. He worked with our local police to allocate funding for additional police officers in Princes ward, after the string of violent attacks and rise in crime.

JOHN ROBERTS is a member of Friends of Spring Gardens. He helped save the open space when Labour wanted to build an indoor ski centre on it! JOHN also got funding to put the mobile police station there after a rise in attacks around the area.

JOHN ROBERTS has been a board member of the Kennington Association since 2006. He fundraises for schemes like the "Secret Santa" and helps campaigns to make Kennington Cross more than just a road junction - like the Arts-Lav plan and the 'Tree of Hope' plan to improve the pavement area outside St Anselm's church. you can see him helping out at the local bazaar, making tea to raise money.

The Congestion Charge cuts our community in two! JOHN ROBERTS fought alongside Kennington people for a "buffer zone" discount for residents just outside the Zone. But Labour would not listen.

For 7 years, JOHN ROBERTS was Chair of the Trustees of Vauxhall City Farm. His strong leadership helped save it from closure two years ago and secure the Farm's long term future, and raised over 60k to stop it being closed.

Labour tried to close our local Durning Library. Campaigner JOHN ROBERTS helped the Friends of Lambeth Libraries fight to save it! In the end Labour had to back down.

Three wheeled one said...

John Roberts certainly appears to demonstrate an impressive history. However, I'm interested (as a voter) in the future policies of individual candidates (and their parties) for the area, rather than just their past achievements. He (with the other candidates) have been sent a set of questions to answer about what he intends to do locally and I look forward to receiving them.

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