Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Madeira Day in Kennington Park

Due to leaving SE11 momentarily over the Bank Holiday, I missed the fact that there was a Madeira Day celebration in Kennington Park on Saturday. Since Lambeth has a very high proportion of Portuguese residents (and very welcome they are too), we are the fortunate beneficiaries of Portuguese food, drink and festivals. However, I can't figure out what Madeira Day is a celebration of exactly... Is it just the place?

Fortunately, the Mayor of Lambeth was there, and has recorded the day (along with photos) on his blog in full. It looks quite busy! I found some other photos on Flickr, taken by somebody else that attended.

That will teach me not to leave London... It looks like a lot of fun, but I failed to see it advertised anywhere before I left. I wonder whether it's annual?


Anonymous said...

Madeira Day celebrates the day Madeira was granted political autonomy from Portugal in 1976.

Anonymous said...

When is it this year? Time, day, place?

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