Thursday, 7 May 2009

Green candidate for Princes Ward

I've been asking about this for a few weeks now, but the good old folks in the Twittersphere have apparently announced a Green party candidate (just in time, it would seem) for the Princes Ward by election. The candidate is Joseph Healy.

It's great that there are so many candidates.

He even has a blog with its own posts here already. Early comments? I like the fact that he has agreed to appear at hustings organised by the Lambeth Disability Forum. I saw a request for the Tory candidate to attend the same forum, so it will be interesting to know who attends. You won't keep me away if it's open to the public! However, I have heard that some of the other candidates have tried to organise public hustings too, so it would be sensible to do that soon...

I'm not too sure whether it's publically permissible to "out" candidates these days, even if they're not closeted... I think I'd be asking a few questions about the wisdom of that, considering the smear campaigns that have been conducted previously against gay candidates in the ward, but what's said is said. It would appear that we have a very pink line up of candidates for this election (which may well be representative of the ward... it certainly appears that way in Tesco).

Our green candidate certainly seems to be promoting Vauxhall City Farm, so one presumes (from the comments yesterday about John Roberts (Lib Dem) long relationship with the farm) that he and John will have lots to talk about! Joseph appears not to live in Prince's Ward, but then I don't think one should consider that a hindrance because it's hardly as though Camberwell is far away.

I'd love to know who his commentator "Princes" is because there are rather a number of interesting alibis appearing in the SE11 related blogosphere at the moment.

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Rob Blackie said...

In response to your last point you should be able to track their IP address. All you'll need to do is install the widget at and you can find out.

You can then ban them / trace them / etc. as you wish to.

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