Friday, 18 July 2008

SW8 - Guildford Road death - furthur information

Furthur to the post made last night, it now appears that furthur information (from amongst other sources) ThisisLondon and Wimbledon Guardian has been released on the 18 year old male, stabbed in Guildford Street last night.

The man's name was Frederick Moody (and he was known as Freddy). He had studied for a short time at Kingston University, and was due to start work as an apprentice in the Construction Industry.

There are various "eye-witness" and "the neighbour said" results floating around the web, but I figure it will all be in the papers soon enough...

My prayers and thoughts are with the friends and family of Freddy, and with the friends and family of the 16 year old currently in custody. This sort of crime can only be described as scandalous in our society. It is a scandal that such a young life should be held in such low regard that it might be taken in this way. It is also a scandal that somebody did not become involved in the life of perpetrator(s) a little earlier in order to prevent them considering knives an option.

I want people to talk about the courage that young people require, not so much to kill, but to refuse to kill. It takes courage to live, to study, to get a job, especially in some areas of South London. It's a responsibility placed squarely on the shoulders of the entirety of London to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to grow in communities of virtue that promote the courage to protect, and not the courage to kill.

Edit: An online memorial site has been put up for tributes to Freddy Moody.

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