Sunday, 6 July 2008

Friends of Groups in Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall (includes SE1, SE11 and SW8)

If you ever visit one of the SE11 fetes, fairs, festivals, events in the park etc. there are always numerous tables, staffed by a number of determined looking people, who run "friends of..." groups in the area... If you've only just arrived, you could do worse than joining one of the groups. However, you should be cautious in your choice as if you're persuaded to join all of them, you could find yourself without any time whatsoever!

I've made a list of the current "Friends of" groups in SE11 (and a few on the borders in SE1 and SW8) that I currently know to exist, and a little about what they're currently doing. I don't quite know who is still operating and whether the "friends" are historical remnants or currently active. Please do leave a comment if I missed your group and want it added or have furthur current information:

Friends of Kennington Cross - (Website is a shell at prseent (Sept 2010). They're currently working on the ArtsLav project - reviving the disused lavatory on Kennington Cross).

Friends of Spring Gardens -   An old site from 2004 which was replaced in 2010 by the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (the original name for Spring Gardens)

Friends of Lambeth Open Space (SE11) - The website/blog has not been updated since 2005. I don't know whether they are still active.

Friends of Durning Library (SE11) - The link is generic and takes you to a library website with contact details for all of the "friends of" library groups in Lambeth. I know that there are regular talks which are put on by the Friends of Durning Library, but there are currently no details online. If you're local, the best thing to do is check the library notice board.

Friends of Roots and Shoots (SE11) - A direct link to their website. Joining provides a newsletter, pre-arranged access to the garden etc. The website provides a calendar for up and coming events.

Friends of Kennington Park (SE11) - A very active group who support and look to improve Kennington Park.

Friends of Imperial War Museum (SE1) Lots of information on their website.

Friends of Archbishop's Park (SE1) - New(ish) website.  I updated this post in September 2010.

Friends of Vauxhall Park (SW8) - Website is back up again.

Friends of Lollard Street Adventure Playground (SE11) - (No web site as yet, but much of their activity is co-ordinated in conjunction with the Kennington Association

Friends of Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground (SE11) - Formed approx. March 2010,

United Friends of Oval (SW8) - This group appears no longer to be active (September 2010).  Website (July 2008) reports that they're actively attempting to resist the development of badly thought out plans for a hotel at The Oval, but would welcome better a thought-out hotel

Friends of Kennington Green - (Doesn't currently exist, but has been mooted according to Google, July 2008)

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