Thursday, 3 July 2008

North Lambeth Parish fete - Lambeth Palace - photos

I do admit that I have added Lambeth Palace to the map, even though it's not strictly SE11. I'm not sure if I've ever commented that whoever drew the postcode boundaries drew them in such a way that SE11 was denied any views of the river! Consequently, there is a thin slice of SE1 that runs down the Albert Embankment to Vauxhall, and that slice includes Lambeth Palace. Also, another interesting fact is that Lambeth Parish doesn't sit in anybody's diocese, it's sort of its own realm. I wonder if they take in exiles... A pertinent question!

Anyhow, the palace does get a special mention on the map, and the incumbant of Lambeth Palace seems to allow (not sure if it was just this year, or whether it has been ongoing) the Parish of North Lambeth (an amagulmation of St Peter's (Vauxhall), St Anselm (Kennington Cross) and St Mary (Lambeth - Methodist/Anglican)) to hold its fete.

We went very briefly on Saturday, mostly because it was a bit of a rush to get from the fete to the London ordinations elsewhere in the afternoon! Here are a few snaps of the fete, and a couple of lovely ones of the garden in full bloom. Will try to make it back some other time to take more photos of the gardens, because they're lovely. The fete was well organised with South London Jazz orchestra, cake stalls, bric-a-brac, strawberries and cream, tombola, raffle etc. It was exactly what one would hope for in a traditional English (in the absolutely broadest sense possible, where English includes everybody who happens to live here) parish fete, the weather was glorious and it was wonderful that so many people stopped by.

NB - The usual qualification stands. I try to take non-generic pictures in "peopled" crowds. If you can see yourself and object to being photographed, please leave a comment and I will take the photo down.

Bouncy castle:

Generic fete:

South London Jazz band

Flowery walk:

Lavender-like flowers:

I'd like it if somebody could tell me what the lavender-like flowers are called... They're incredible.

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