Saturday, 19 July 2008

Exciting SE11 Threewheeled Announcement

Well, I promised an exciting announcement, so please don't be too disappointed...

The threewheeled one will actually be moving to the SE11 area semi-permanently (we have to do a house move, which is actually just some logistics about hwo to move 4000 books), either on, or at some stage prior, to August 31st. This means that there will be no more unsatisfactory trips across London on fact finding missions, and hopefully, there will be a lot more photographs from the Kennington, Oval, Vauxhall triangle. I will be able to actually get out a little more on the bicycle and explore a few of the Vauxhall corners of SE11 that are not sufficiently known to me at present (the excitement mounts...)

So, erm, yay!

I'm still working at ways to improve SEO (search engine optimisation) in order to increase the traffic to this blog just to try and ensure some more readers (and hopefully comments). It would be great to hear if people wanted a review, photo or comment on any particular area. One of the issues with the blog is that it seems very old fashioned (in any corner of the web) to produce pages about a particular geographic location. If I was posting about George Bush, sex, porn, celebrities, breaking news or conservative vs. labour politics, I'd probably have a high readership. However, the internet (probably through sheer design) seems biased in favour of "interest" groups as opposed to geographic locations. I'm identified by a "" address as opposed to a "" style address. That makes things a little more democratic; we don't judge what people say, based on their location... However, I want a blog that encourages people to look around them, and know their neighbours, and build communities, and stuff like that, so I really want to target readers in SE11, and it's proving difficult...

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