Thursday, 10 July 2008

SE11 to be green? SE11 to stay polluted?

Whilst we're still on the edge of our seats awaiting the results of the Cross River Tram review, Boris Johnson has been busy...

He has abolished the proposed congestion charge for large, gas guzzling four wheel drives, and decided to prevent small cars from being exempt from the charge. So that should keep the residents of Kensington and Chelsea happy... Phew. However, in order to still be seen as keen, green and good for the planet, he has proposed some more "low carbon zones". There appears to be rather little information around at the moment on their exact location, but "Elephant and Castle" has been suggested as a "low carbon" area over at the Building website.

We won't have any more details info. on the zones until September, but the question of interest is "what geographical location counts as Elephant and Castle?". If Elephant and Castle extends down Kennington Lane, Kennington Park Road, (or implausibly Kennington Road), then SE11 might be set to become a little quieter and greener too. If SE11 does not count as E&C, the question remains open; does it mean big heavy trucks won't bother passing through SE11 to reach the Elephant, or does it mean that they will all stop/park/remain in SE11 to avoid entering Elephant and Castle?

Watch this space.

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