Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Croydon Tram? Cross River Tram?

Some interesting news just in from The Mayor Watch blog on the fact that TFL are buying out Tramtrack Croydon. I wonder if this is potentially a piece of joined up strategising by the mayor. It would eventually fit well with my pipe dream of linking up Croydon with the Cross River Tram and giving south London an alternative transport infrastructure. All that is required is a "yes" to go ahead with (at least) the southern section of the Cross River Tram. On the other hand, it may be that the Croydon Tram buyout has nothing to do with an overall plan, and is just "one of those things".

Ed: Unfortunately, the comment left in the comments section by James appears to reflect that the purchase of the Croydon tram by TFL was one of the last moves of the mayoral regime of Ken Livingstone, and consequently does not imply anything about Boris' commitment to tram policy in South London. So, back to waiting for furthur news...

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James Hatts said...

The decision to buy out Tramtrack Croydon was actually one of the last acts of the Livingstone regime so I wouldn't attribute it to any far-sightedness on behalf of the present incumbent of City Hall.

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