Sunday, 27 July 2008

New SE11 blog

There are not many really local blogs to Kennington. I think I've got most of the generic "about the location ones" (ie. the ones that are /not/, proponents of the "I'm really into and I happen to live in Kennington school of thought"). However, a new blog has recently been launched for the residents of Denny Street (just off Chester Way), Denny Crescent and the people that use the communal garden of Denny street. I don't know Denny Street very well at all, but the few photos of the blog make it look like a great place to lurk about.

I've added their blog "Dennygarden" to my blog roll, so it might be worth subscribing if you are a part, or live near to that community. Click here for a quick link to It's excellent that this is another like-minded blog that exists, in their words to "share news, share views and generally be good neighbours."


Bathsheba said...

Oops, I put my comment on the wrong post. I meant to say thank you here for the link to the Denny blog.

Three wheeled pedplysiscist said...

No problem; I met them the other day (they're lovely) and I'll let them know you've added them...

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