Wednesday, 30 June 2010

St Peter's Vauxhall - Summer Arts Festival - June 27th - July 11th 2010

I probably don't do enough arts coverage on this blog.  There are heaps of art galleries and two theatres within SE11, and I always have good intentions to go and watch, hear and learn, but there are always pubs to drink in, people to see and meetings to attend.  In any case, I doubt that I'd make a good critic, since I can't tell good art from bad, and tend to think people deserve praise for making an effort!  But I do think that a 15 day Arts Festival deserves a mention, since such events usually take a great deal of organisation!

St Peter's Church, Vauxhall (part of North Lambeth Parish) is holding an Arts event from June 27th - July 11th, featuring everything from the brass band of Archbishop Sumner School (Monday 5th) to a "Glyndebourne picnic" where you can relax, listen to opera, eat a picnic and enjoy the interior of St Peter's (Saturday 3rd).  (It's a beautiful church, and really deserves a separate post about its history and architecture.)  I quite like the sound of the "Joy of Sound","bring an instrument, regardless of ability" event (Friday 3rd and 10th),  but unfortunately, it's held during office hours!

Here's the leaflet for more info (click images to enlarge):

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