Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Quick pub update: Tommyfield + Old Red Lion

The Tommyfield pub finally launched itself last Friday and is now officially open for business. In case I didn't get to the bottom of it, the pub has been named after the first British Fish and Chip shop, which opened in Oldham (so not really very SE11-related). I was going to go along to the launch, but it looked /so/ crowded from the outside on the launch night, and I am very shy (tee hee), so I haven't yet been in. They're still serving British food, although at apparently more reasonable prices. London Appetizer has visited and listed some rather delicious sounding fare. Asparagus with fried duck egg and toast, rabbit confit and Eton mess all make my list of "must tries", but that would set me back £25. It's not cheap, but is reasonably well-priced by London standards. Keith Barker has written a cheeky not-quite-review, mentioning our Kylie Appreciation Society!! I shall try and eat there soon and post a review once I've done so. Visit their website for more on their food, and drink offerings.

On to the next pub-refurbishment... The Old Red Lion now has a banner up outside, proudly proclaiming that it's re-opening on 11 June. They have a website, but the pub is still listed as "coming soon" in a somewhat tantalising manner. In the meantime, you can observe on Twitter their mounting minute by minute excitement as they count down days until launch! I'd like to know whether they'll be serving food, and what their "niche" market is... No more info. to report as yet.

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