Friday, 11 June 2010

Motorcycle crash at junction of Fentiman Road / South Lambeth Road

There was an accident, involving a motorcycle and a car on the junction between Fentiman Road and South Lambeth Road (SW8), just outside Vauxhall Park, at about 18:00 yesterday evening.  It must have been quite serious as it resulted in a a two-way road closure on South Lambeth Road.  I hope all involved are ok.  Does anybody have further info?


Stephen said...

My father's Oakland motorcycle accident attorney once said that motorcycle crashes are sometimes more terrible than those that involve cars. This is because the body of motorcycle drivers are bare, and that there's no door or windshield to protect them or lessen the impact. This is why it took me a while before I bought a motorcycle myself. I made sure first that I have my own Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer before I hit the streets. He gave me great tips on how to avoid accidents, and I apply them all every time.

Alecia Longsworth said...

Well, accidents can delay traffic, and no one wants that. That's why we should all keep safe on the road. Surely, more people have been affected by the accident other than those who were directly involved in it..

Anonymous said...

i know the guy on the bike and just to let u know hes ok. was left paralyzed bt ok. and it was proven to be cars fault the turned right in-front of bike, giving bike no time to brake and hit car straight on

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