Wednesday, 30 June 2010

St Anselm's Project Plans and feedback from the Consultation Event

I attended the St Anselm's Project re-consultation evening yesterday (it was worth it for the samosas alone).  Last year, I posted about the St Anselm's redevelopment (with video) here, and explained why the Duchy's desire to join the project has lead to a re-consultation here.  Happily, the new plans do not involve 150 metre towers in the heart of Kennington so there's not really anything to dislike.  I originally blogged quite favourably about this project, even despite the fact that the proposed  facade would have appeared rather bulky from Kennington Road.  My view was (and is) that the regeneration project would enable the church to be a building enjoyed by the wider community in the heart of Kennington, rather than a building that is locked for much of the week).

Anyhow, the re-consultation does not contain anything particularly offensive, but seems to address the fact that Lambeth Council weren't keen on the original drawings.  It's difficult to detect much difference between some of the new drawings, and the arguments appear to be all about height.  Option 1 is the original plan, and the rest are ideas that have been redeveloped in consultation with the Duchy.  The plans (see below) don't give detail on the finished look, but whatever the architects do is likely to be in an style approved  by Prince Charles and is unlikely to involve glass and metal.  The photos below are quite illuminating, and provide a little history about how some of the post-war buildings of Stable's Way don't do much for the street.  The SE11_lurker tends to agree with Prince Charles on the matter of classical architecture, so doesn't really mind which of the new drawings are chosen for the project.

The re-consultation seemed to be well-attended, but I know that not everybody can get along to these events, so the architects have kindly emailed me the plans so that everybody else can see what is proposed.  I've turned the .pdf info .jpgs for easier viewing.  At the top, there's a  consultation form, which can be filled in and returned to Pat Evemy whose email address is:

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