Monday, 29 June 2009

Oval accident - female cyclist died

Stockwell News reported some kind of accident or incident at Oval tube station in Harleyford Road at around 8:30am this morning, and noticed lots of emergency vehicles and somebody on a stretcher. I left for work very late this morning, and didn't notice any traffic buildup in Kennington as a result, but no doubt the road was cleared quickly.

(Edit, 12:12) - One Lurking about SE11 commentator notes that the person on a stretcher was a woman. It is reported that she was a cyclist, and was hit by a lorry.

(Edit, 30/6/2009) - It has now been confirmed (see comments) that the cyclist died in the accident, witnessed by a number of readers yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of both the cyclist and the lorry driver.

I know that the roads in this area are potentially dangerous because they are so fast moving, and I frequently see both cyclists and motorists driving/cycling dangerously.

Thank you for all of the comments you've all contributed. I know that readers will be sad to hear of another accident in this area. Some of the folk at the London Fixed-Gear and Single Speed website are advocating writing to Boris Johnson to request that he makes HGV/cyclist safety a priority. Individual letters are (as with most things) a more powerful catalyst for change than petitions. If you would like to follow up, you can contact the Mayor as follows:

By email:
Postal Address:
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA
Telephone: 020 7983 4100
Minicom: 020 7983 4458
Fax: 020 7983 4057

I lifted the above information from the thread about the accident on the London FGSS forums here.

(For what it's worth, Boris might be more open to listening to comments at the moment because he was involved in a near-miss recently, reported by the BBC here.)


Anonymous said...

it wasnt a man, it was a lady, and she was on a bike and was hit by a truck. She wasnt conscience this morning. Very very very sad. Not a great thing to witness and everyone who saw it was shaking.

Sending positive vibes to the young woman.

Anonymous said...

I walked past at the usual time on my way to work just at the time it happened and i do hope everyone involved is ok, it really shook me up and i send out all my hope and sympathy to the lady and do hope she pulls through.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the road was still sealed off at about 1.15pm, when I was out for lunch.

Anonymous said...

I saw the accident, I was in the bus right behinde the truck and I believe it was just a sad accident, the woman was in the bicicle in the truck's left to turn left and the truck turned faster than her and did not see her. and after this the truck run over the bike and she falled and truck passed over her and bike, in the time we saw it looked like the truck passed really over her head but after we saw some people talking to her, I am not sure how she was and if she was conscient but it was the most horrible thing I have ever seen, and I was shoked and was crying in my job. I wanted to know if the poor lady survived. If some one know please post here your coment. I hope she is ok and that she did not sufer a lot. My sincerly feelings for her family. I will pray for her.

SL said...

Sadly, the cyclist died. Her cousin posted on Stockwell News last night confirming this awful news.


Julie said...

It was my Partner who was driving the Lorry He is absolutely traumatised. Our thoughts and Sympathies are with her family at this tragic time.

Anonymous said...

i was there on the side of the road when it happened and am so traumatised from it, i feel for the truck driver as he was not able to see her. We all know this is a terrible accident and is in no way the truck drivers fault.

My thoughts are with the family and friends of the poor young woman

Anonymous said...

she did not go under the wheels, she was such an experienced cyclist and it is an ongoing investigation. R.I.P. Cat x

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