Saturday, 25 April 2009

Vergie's Cafe, Kennington

I'm afraid I got it wrong with Vergies earlier on the week. They have actually opened, but appear to pull down some white blinds in the evening that make it look as though they're not operational.

I arrived just in time to see them close this evening (I /will/ make it when they're open), but managed to cunningly ask for a menu, which I have cleverly scanned in for readers below. I think the prices look great (nothing on the menu is more than £5.00). The reviews coming in are positive. Two readers have eaten there and are recommending it. It's clearly aimed at the middle of the market, and there are some good touches eg. "pink grapefruit juice" and some not so great ideas "meat sandwiches".

According to the person locking up this evening, the hours are 7:30 - 16:30 Monday to Saturday, and some slightly shorter hours on Sunday.

See below for full menu:

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Christian said...

Id avoid going to Vergies - the service is appalling and the food isnt great.
There are far better places if you keep walking for 30 seconds

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