Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bakerloo line extension to Camberwell

Further to my post yesterday about the possible death of Crossrail, the Camberwell Online Blog has Tweeted about an article in Transport Briefing which once again raises the possibility of extending the Bakerloo line to Camberwell (a no brainer, since the station in Camberwell already exists) and also to Lewisham (which would be very exciting). Also, it mentions the idea of extending the DLR from Lewisham to Hayes. That's a new one to me, but would also be a great development.

Just one question... From whence cometh the money?

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Anonymous said...

No such station exists in Camberwell. True, the tracks do go a bit down Walworth Road beyond E&C, but no station exist. One was planned where Nandos stands today, but never built. And the tracks don't go even halfway. As I understand it, the extension could go down Old Kent Road and bypass Camberwell altogether. Maybe. And besides, this is the same time frame Ken talked about too. My guess is that it will happen, but it won't be open for business until 2025 or beyond.

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