Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Mr Onion Bag goes into the red

Congratulations to Mr Onion Bag, on his employment by Lambeth Council. The OBB displays a slightly scary legal warning, requesting that people remove any links on their blogs that might have linked to any views on his blog in which he might have mentioned Lambeth Council. He has self-censored all of his prior views about Lambeth Council (which is a shame) and now, presumably, will only continue to report on sport or local matters not relating to the council. It does beg the question about what happens if somebody has blogged about his former views on the Council, but has since died or can't be contacted to remove reference to the views. Also, I'm not sure what happens to the Way Back Machine web archive, or the archive that is now being kept by The British Library, but I presume one can force deleted pages not to appear. What more can I say about the quieting of this local blogger? Kudos to Lambeth council for employing their public relations nuisance most vocal local tweeter. What would anybody do in today's economic climate were they Mr Onion Bag? I guess we all have to eat.

Since I don't work for Lambeth/Southwark councils or any political party related to the current administration (or any political party) and don't plan on standing as a councillor in any election any time soon, I can say whatever I like about the council (presumably, within reason). Interestingly, if I say anything inaccurate about the Council, I might face censure (or worse) by Mr Onion Bag in his new role as Lambeth Council Web Policeman.

I will, however, continue to stick to the facts and post about the Council (only because it's still relatively entertaining). On a related note, I have sadly not received a response from Lambeth Council's new Green Community Champion Co-ordinator since I emailed her on 26/3/2009 about wormeries, composters and becoming a local green champion. I suppose she might not have settled into her role yet (or the email might have been eaten by Lambeth Council's computer system), so I'll give it a few more days.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep blogging about Lambeth Council in the hope I'm offered a job ;)


Elaine said...

not sure if you noticed but OBB's notice re his new employment was posted on 1st April...i think that might be a clue?

Kennington Association said...

I thought the same

Smelly Helly with a Big Fat Belly said...

Ack! I know the feeling. I received a text that said "It appears I'm pregnant. S**t (text don't call - am in clinic this morning)."

I replied with a whole load of supportive friendy type stuff only to be told it was an April fool. I'm still plotting my revenge...

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