Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Amici Takeover

I have it from a good source that:

1. Amici restaurant (currently at 305-307, Kennington Road) but will move across to the old Franklins site (205 - 209, Kennington Lane).

2. 305-307 Kennington Road will stay in the same hands, but will become a steak and burger bar.

3. R Due Amici (310-312 Kennington Road) is unaffected and run by the same party!

There's still no news on the cafe formerly known as The Dippy Egg, formerly known as Jado, but they're painting it a lovely green colour inside and giving it a very thorough refit.


Duchy Original said...

Does your source have any info on what's happening to Morrell's?

It appears to be in the final throes of its closing-down sale, and yesterday I noticed it is also being painted green.

Kennington Association said...

Jado's / Dippy Egg has today opened as Vergies Cafe, looking lovely and doing gourmet burgers. Sounds like one for the Ladies Who Lunch!

Adrian said...

I was just about to post about the Vergies cafe. It looked very nice inside. Good luck to them.

Pstyle said...

Gotta say I was pleased when Franklin's fell over. That place was ovepriced and the food was really poor. Burnt toast and sloppy eggs didn't suit their rather pleasant, even upmarket decor.

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