Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sam Townend - Absentee Councillor of Prince's Ward stands down

[Edited to add the Conservative candidate.]

An interesting piece of news is making its way around Twittersphere today...

Councillor Townend, the absentee Princes Ward councillor has agreed to stand down before the next election in 2010. Sam Townend was rather naughty in the 2006 Princes Ward elections because he gained a place as a councillor in Princes Ward only to leave London in 2007 and move to Bristol. He is now standing as a Labour parliamentary candidate in North Bristol. Hopefully, the North Bristol constituents will agree that this behaviour wasn't at all responsible for a potential MP! I mean, what is to stop him hopping off to another county if another opportunity becomes available? After all, the second home allowances are very generous :-)

Last Winter, the Kennington Conservatives decided to take advantage of Cllr Townend's absence to proclaim that "Kennington deserves better". Obviously Sam Townend agreed because, according to a Bristol newspaper, he has decided to "allow the people of my old ward to elect a new representative". How generous of him! Consequently, there will be an election in Princes Ward, which is very exciting, and will be the first election since this blog began...

Word on the street suggests that baby-faced Mark Harrison will likely stand as the next Labour candidate in Princes, and his picture has been splashed over the SE11 Action Blog for some time now. I will let you all have the scoop on the LibDem/Green etc. candidates as the info. about who might stand becomes available.

The Conservative party informed me today that the candidate they will field for Princes Ward will be Michael Poole-Wilson.

Since Princes Ward runs slap bang through SE11, we'll be ensuring that you receive all of the election news in a non-partisan manner with rude comments where necessary!


Nicky Johnson said...

I really hope Mark Harrison is the Labour candidate - he is very active around SE11, and has been for several years. Any rumours on who might be competing with him for the Labour nomination?

Three wheeled one said...

Yes, I have a very strong rumour about a potential Lib Dem candidate, also likely to be a strong contender in terms of local active work. However, I won't be saying any more for a couple of days! You'll hear it here first :)

My guess is that one of the people in the Winter 2008 Conservative newsletter is likely to be a contender in Prince's Ward.

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