Monday, 27 April 2009

More on wormeries and compost and going green in Lambeth

Just a quick note to say that my assistant did eventually receive a response (see Recycling and going Green in Lambeth) from Susan Sheehan (Lambeth Council's new Green Community Champion Co-ordinator) which contains several points of interest to those people who have been googling for compost / wormeries in the borough of Lambeth:

1. The compst bin subsidies will be coming to an end shortly because they were sponsored by DEFRA, who will no longer be subsidising them. Susan recommended that people purchase the remaining stock before the subsidy ceases. However, Lambeth Council are looking into the question of ongoing subsidies, so I'll mention it if anybody comes up with a radically exciting plan.

2. Susan did not agree that the plastic composting tubs are less effective than the wooden ones and has no issue with the plastic ones that turn. Personally, I think I've cracked the problem with a wormery, rather than a compost heap so there's not much point in pursuing the matter.

3. I'm still rather unclear on the "Green Champions" position, and exactly who our green champions are, and the email didn't elaborate. However, Susan has agreed to attend some local community meetings (see the previous post for her contact details) to give anybody who wants it, some more information about the initiative.

Apparently, the general idea is that there are certain projects that we might like to see immitated around the Borough. These are:

1. - Hyde Farm Climate Action Network (in Balham)
2. Albert Square and St Stephen's Association Climate Action Network - brief post here for this group in Stockwell
3. Transition Town Brixton - This seems to be a loose network of people committed to raising awareness of climate change and oil shortage. They're trying to rethink the way an area works in terms of food, health, work etc. They seem to focusing at the moment on growing food within London, with an event on 30th April, which I sadly can't attend.

I'm quite excited by the idea of growing food in London. So far this year (with zero gardening experience and from the balcony of a flat), the threewheeled household are already growing lettuce leaves, strawberries, purple sprouting broccoli, onions, three different types of potato and hopefully, eventually, some tomatoes). The wormery is now in place, and will become a shared wormery once the worms have multiplied and when we think it's working.

I'd be interested to hear more from readers who have been involved in Transition Town Brixton or various other local climate/environment focused groups. Is there any reason that we couldn't be a Transition Town Kennington or Transitition Town Vauxhall? What about a whole Transition postcode? SE11 contains such a variety of people and skills and culture and opportunities that I'm sure it might be possible.

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