Monday, 22 February 2010

Bendy bus accident (not in SE11)

I decided to take a little jaunt away from SE11 to visit the British Museum today, and on the way, I encountered a bendy bus accident.  Bendy bus incidents (with pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles etc.) occur at a much higher frequency than ordinary bus incidents, but I doubt that anybody much notices them unless people are killed or  injured.   Since I blogged about a bendy bus incident involving a bollard some time ago at Vauxhall station, (although I never elicited any further details), I've been getting a number of hits on the matter, so I thought I'd satisfy the very few readers that arrive at the blog looking for bendy bus accidents!

I figure that this was probably 90% the fault of the badly / illegally (I think) parked car, but it just goes to show why bendy buses are somewhat problematic vehicles, given various tight corners in London.  I don't know how the  driver/police recovered the situation, since I couldn't see any way the bus could go forward or backwards...  At the back, the bus was utterly jammed against the silver car.  In front of the bus (you can't see this) was a correctly parked motorbike and various other cars.  Even if the cars at the front could have been moved, I couldn't see how the bus could be unjammed without further damage to the silver car.

I've blurred the face of the guy at the back, in case he was involved in any way.  The other thing I didn't quite manage to photograph was the policeman who arrived at the incident wearing a machine gun!

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