Monday, 8 February 2010

Improvements at Tesco Kennington?

I've been away for a week or so, and in my absence, the comments seem to have proliferated. One of the most popular posts /ever/ on the blog is the one with all my photos of the empty shelves at Tesco Kennington.

This is demonstrated by an extended comments section on that page, detailing all of the experiences of various residents at the store. However, some recent comments suggest that there's a new Deputy Manager, different staff, new loos (not seen this one) and new tills that work.

I'm vaguely concerned that lots of the staff have suddenly arrived here to make comments and talk it up, but I think we need to be fair. I want to give them a chance to get it right, so let me know if you've spotted any differences yet or whether you think things are improving!


Dean said...

The new self-service machines they put in a few months ago really are so much better, and scan every item instantly. It did look like new staff were put in around the same time.

I do still find certain items missing, but not sure if it's better or worse than before.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it seems that we will all have a choice between two grim Tesco shopping experiences once the new Express/Metro opens on Kennington Cross...

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