Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cycle Superhighway CS7 - blue paint oil slick to hit SE11

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but can't find it in my archives. Part of Boris' masterplan for London is to build a bright blue cycle lane around central London (rather like a sort of environementally friendly version of the M25), with arterial roads leading in from far flung places (such as Balham). Each of the routes is to be called a Cycle Superhighway, but in reality, it will just be lots of (hopefully) well-maintained streaks of blue paint across certain London roads! (I am quite excited, really! I might even start cycling to work!)

The best news is that the first one to be built is going to arrive from far flung Merton, Balham, Clapham etc. and zoom into SE11 past the Oval, up Kennington Park Road, past Kennington tube and provide (at last), a safe route around the Elephant and Castle roundabout. It will go over Southwark Bridge and take you safely to the City. Check out the exact route here.

The piece of paper in my letterbox informs me that the work is due to begin "early in 2010" and that it will be launched in Summer 2010! When it starts, we'll be able to see construction works here, but in the meantime, there's just a Boris video about how much fun it will all be!


Anonymous said...

Will this be something for "normal" cyclists to use? or will they be bullied by cursing lycra clad cycle- bullies who expect everybody to cycle at the speed of light?

I will try it out

Anonymous said...

Ha! Couldn't agree more. Love mainland Europe cities where sedate cyclists rule (no wonder they have better cycling routes). Here, you have to speed through, hate cars, want to nationalise banks and redistribute wealth in order to be a 'true' cyclist!

Anonymous said...

All good and well, but what are the rules?

I still see cyclists abusing the road all over the place.

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