Monday, 22 February 2010

Free chipping for cats and dogs on Thurs 25th February in Kennington

This one nearly slipped under the radar.  I know that Lambeth Living aren't able to resolve your service charge queries, but it appears they're better with pets.

According to a Gumtree ad,  Lambeth Living and RSPCA are offering a free microchipping event for dogs and cats at the North Lambeth Area Housing Office on Thursday 25th Feb (this week), from 16:00 - 18:00.  No appointment is required.

North Lambeth Area Housing Office is at 91 Kennington Lane, SE11 4HR

The ad. doesn't say that you need to be living in Lambeth Living accommodation.  It appears that anybody can bring their dogs / cats along.

Event is supported by Lambeth Council Environmental Services.


Sam said...

Thanks for the reminder on here about this - I originally read about it on but had forgotten until I saw this. I would recommend the service for everyone: great peace of mind - I maneged to get our cat Jess done so that should she become lost we will have a chance to get her back. I only hope that the dog I saw roaming the other night had been done so that the RSPCA can reunite him with his owner

Sarah said...

I hope they are able to forcibly go after some of the more vicious looking dogs around here -maybe using powers like those proposed today so that they dont cause a menance. There have been occasions where I have felt rather uneasy walking through Spring Gardens and Kennington park with all those evil looking dogs. I know its the owners who need tackling not the dogs but moves like enforced chipping might begin to breed responsibility? I hope so

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