Friday, 16 October 2009

Bendy bus accident at Vauxhall station

I was travelling home on a bus last night that passed through Vauxhall, but did not use the bus station.  The Twittersphere had rumours that this was due to a bendy bus having an accident with a bollard.  See here and here, but I can't find any reports from non-Twitter sources.

Does anybody have any more information about this accident in Vauxhall, SE11?  Was anybody on the bendy bus that crashed into the bollard?  Or was the bus impaled on a bollard?  Did it delay your journey? 


Anonymous said...

Few things: Kennington church on Black Prince Road slapped with noise abatement order, it's all over the news including BBC tele; also, the Black Prince pub has a sign outside suggesting it is for sale. Boris's transport strategy calls for Northern Line to have more trains running at peak hours along the split. And it backs the Northern Line to Battersea from Kennington, just as the planning application for Battersea Power Station is submitted (last week), though as you noted earlier, it may be doomed. Still, now it's goning to committee.

Sid Boggle said...

I think the church in question is actually near Kennington Park Place along the north side of the park, not in BPR...

-- boggle

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