Sunday, 8 November 2009

216 Kennington Road (again)

Sorry everyone, but yet again, there is another planning application on 216 Kennington Road, SE11...

In August and September, I blogged that the application to change the use of the basement portion of 216 Kennington Road (old cinema) from D1 to commercial was refused. Prior to that, in May, I blogged that I oppose a bid by a large commercial retailer. Many residents heard on the grapevine that Gallagher are representing Tesco, who are behind the request. So, you'll be unsurprised to learn, if you've not already read it somewhere else, that another planning request has been made.

The planning request is on Lambeth Planning Database here where you can submit comments.

There are a various local voices that say that since the ground floor of the building was originally set aside for community use (this was sadly a missed opportunity), it should be used for such. The problem is that no tenant has been found (but then, I think it has been "off the market" for some time now, due to the Gallagher/Tesco planning application bombardment.

There is another body of people who have suggested it would be better to have a retailer occupy the space than nobody at all, but I do wonder why it has to be Tesco. For my very long blog moan about our local Tesco, see my post from June (and photos of empty shelves) at Trouble at the Big Gay Tesco in Kennington. The page is still getting large numbers of hits, and regular comments, and indeed a defence from somebody who (presumably) works there, alleging staff cuts. With such poor service from the brand at the moment, I hardly think we should be encouraged to support another store in the vicinity.

It all raises the question of how often any company can continually submit planning applications to the local authority, without the authority opening a debate about change of use of buildings (or new developments) to local residents.


Elaine said...

Re Tesco taking over the neighbourhood...they have also put in a planning application for the retail space at the Freemans development - currently being built - on Clapham Rd

Anonymous said...

Lambeth planning committee decided to grant planning permission for 216 Kennington Road. However the committee did change some of the conditions as below:

7.00 am - 9.00 pm opening hrs and deliveries - Monday to Saturday

8.00 am - 7.00 pm opening hrs & deliveries - Sunday

10.00 am - 4.00 pm on Bank holidays with only 1 delivery allowed.

They also amended Condition 12 to restrict the use of trolleys to be taken outside.

The official decision will be published on the Lambeth website in due course.

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