Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tree of Hope - Turning on Ceremony

Tonight, the Tree of Hope (just outside St Anselm's Church) will be officially switched on by Kate Hoey from 6.30pm and there will be food and entertainment.  You might have seen the Tree of Hope already in Kennington Cross (it has small blue lights).  

The Tree of Hope project has been spearheaded by the Kennington Association and funds have been raised from various Association events over the past few years.   Alex Mulumba's violent death in 2006 prompted the idea for the Tree of Hope, but it has taken some time and the overcoming of practical difficulties to raise funds and install the lights!

Well Done to everybody involved, and hopefully, there'll be many locals present tonight!


Anonymous said...

Very nice event, my daughter wants to play a brass instrument now! Question, I note the Kurdish Centre on Stannery street has a planning ap in. What would be the impact? I find myself cheering for them to survive amid vast middle class encroachment. But it appears it would allow lots of crowds and noise on what has become a sedate, residential street. Any more info?

Three wheeled one said...

I normally wouldn't cover individual licensing planning applications because they're so small eg. a local Kebab shop had one of these recently, and there are quite a few applications for tree pruning in the area, which don't have much impact.

I did ponder writing about the Kurdish Centre, but dismissed it due to the above. I think I will write something now though because actually, it is not primarily (in my view) used by Kurds. It seems to be hired out for parties, and that's a concern with a licensing application until midnight every day!

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