Thursday, 6 August 2009

216 Kennington Road and 38-46 Albert Embankment planning

I've edited the post below slightly in light of Cllr Mark Harrison's comment that the council haven't granted planning permission re. 216. Instead, their officers have indicated that they are in favour of approval. It remains to be seen whether approval is granted.

You might recall from this post back in May that planning permission had been sought for 216 Kennington Road. I was against the request since I was hoping the site might be put to use for some kind of community facility.

It seems that the council have granted permission the council officers have recommended that permission will be granted to allow a retail unit to be put in place (the rumour is Tesco, but nobody knows for sure). The new shop will presumably service everybody who has purchased a flat in the oddly named Kennington Park Square (it's not very near the park!) just behind the site and those in 216 Kennington Road itself (a large residential development) and a number of residents on Kennington Park Road. Even I have to concede that it's better to have something in there than for it to remain empty.

Also, if you read the post I wrote back in June when I was trying to keep up with the number of nasty high rises on our horizon, it is worth noting that we've had an appeal (against the refusal of planning permission) withdrawn on item number 3 (38-46 Albert Embankment) which is on the site of the Texaco garage. That leaves one less ball in the air in terms of pending sites.

In addition, I nearly forgot... I raised the matter some time ago that TFL (despite local objections) had applied for planning permission for one of its excellent cycle scheme pods in Windmill Row (a very bad location due to overcrowding of pedestrians and traffic). The council sensibly overturned the request so that's good news.

I'm sorry it has all gone so quiet... It's silly season in Kennington and what with swine flu and holidays etc. there's not so much to report.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the Tesco. I know it's not fashionable to say so but I think they are a great store - as do the vast majority of the population that use them. And anything that makes Kennington Cross more attractive to other shops thinking of setting up is ok by me.

Keep up the great work three wheeled one.

Mark Harrison said...

Should point out that the decision about 216 Kennington Road will be taken at the Planning Committee next Tuesday:

The officer recommendation is to approve the application.

Three wheeled one said...

I'm going to have to check that! Mark, if you're correct, I'm wrong. But I received a piece of paper through the post saying that permission had been granted... I'm going to need to check to see if the piece of paper really did say that or whether it just said recommended.

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