Sunday, 18 May 2008

More mapping trouble and a few new markers

The longest part of establishing the Google map above was drawing the SE11 boundary. I did my best to copy it from various other online maps that also marked the boundaries between SE1, SW8, SE17 and SW9. (It took absolutely ages). However, I cannot find a way of copying the boundary from one section of the current map to the next. I can move it from one page to the next, but not actually copy it so that it exists on both pages. If anybody reading has any idea of how I can copy the marker from one section to the next via copy/paste, I'd be really grateful.

In addition, I forgot (contrary to the previous post) that the markers only move to the second page once there are 200 on the first page. That means that I can't just move all of the green markers on to the second map, without first adding lots more non-green markers to the first map.

I've added a brief review on the map for El Dorado, a Tapas bar in Vauxhall, and I've also added the Monkton Street Lambeth Comunity Care Centre in Kennington / North Lambeth. Despite Googling, I've no idea exactly what sort of community care it provides, so if discerning readers happen to know its specialism, please drop me a comment.

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