Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blue Plaque Competition!

I've been a bit neglectful of late in updating the map, so I've vowed to try and return to adding one or two markers a day.

I am just about to finish the estate agents. I found quite a good description of Kennington on the Atkinson Mcleod website from the point of view of somebody looking to rent, buy or live in the area. Obviously, from an estate agent, it focuses on SE11's strengths, but it's worth a read and can be found here:
Atkinson Mcleod Kennington area guide

I've also added the Kurdish Cultural Centre on Stannary St. I'd like to be able to say more - I know it provides a home for some of the Kurdish Community in London - but unfortunately, I think the organisation's official website has gone down. You'll see more information if I can find it anywhere.

Finally, tonight's updates include all of the Blue Plaques in SE11. Disappointingly, there are only three, and two of those are for Charlie Chaplin. However, three is a start! This I discovered from the helpful site:
Blue plaque site which is great from the point of view that you can type the beginning of a postcode into it, and get out all of the plaques in the area. Reassuringly, SE17 only has four plaques, and SE1 only has eight. I think South of the river might be rather neglected from the blue plaque point of view, considering that NW3 has (at least according to the site) forty five, and SW1, an astounding seventy two. Anyway... The other SE11 plaque is dedicated to Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery. By my reckoning (I've not seen it yet, it must be on the same site as the Oval House theatre).

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