Sunday, 1 June 2008

Kennington Dental Surgeries

Today I added three dental surgeries, two on Kennington Park Road, and one on Kennington Road. That's all I can find, but I'm sure there must be more... It seems a shame that Kennington has three dentists, and nobody else seems to have any, but I presume that any Vauxhall dentists (if there are any) must be in other postcode areas (or maybe everyone in Vauxhall has bad breath).

Also, you'll see that I solved the "copying markers" from one Google map section to another. It wasn't the simplest solution I've encountered, but I was able to paste the KML of the first map on to the KML of the second map. Stupidly, I pasted the whole lot on to the second map, which meant I had to delete around 180 markers that had been replicated, but it looks ok now.

I've been pondering about adding an "events" map...

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