Monday, 12 May 2008

Kennington Park

I visited Kennington Park (and also the Imperial War Museum Park in SE1) on Saturday, and consequently was able to go and have a wander in the small parade of shops up there.

It looks as though the pub on the corner, which I think was formerly "The Tankard", is nearing the end of a comprehensive refurbishment. Definitely looks as though it will be worth trying when it's finished as it has a great upstairs outdoor terrace area.

There's not a great deal more of note around there... Another dry cleaner, another Fish and chip shop (making a total of 6 in SE11), except for a motorbike shop. It hadn't occured before, but I think SE11 is an area where possible motorbike enthusiasts gather, especially considering that there's another shop on Kennington Road that repairs motorbikes, and one of the Vauxhall arches is a huge supplier. I've seen people taking motorbike lessons on Saturday mornings near Vauxhall Street and around the back of the railway arches.

Anyhow, I managed to take some fabulous pictures in a brief visit to Kennington Park, which I've added both here and on the map:

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