Saturday, 17 May 2008

The second map

Anybody that reads this blog will now notice that instead of one map of SE11 at the top of the page, there are now two. The new map is really quite irritating, but has come into being as a result of the fact that (according to the denizens of Google maps), there are no web browsers that will support the rendering of over 200 markers on one single map. The first map now contains over 200 markers of attractions, businesses, civic amenities etc, and the second map has about six random businesses on it. Since that is an unattractive state of affairs, my plan is to transfer all of the generic businesses to the second map, and leave pubs, restaurants, clubs, charities etc. on the first map. However, transferring the markers will mean considerable hard work, so don't expect instant results. Grrrr.

Also, I have a restaurant review to come...

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