Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Vauxhall Square overhead walkways - CLS Design competition results

CLS Holdings have received all of their competition entries for the design of the proposed new (and somewhat controversial) Linear Walkway in Vauxhall, which will form part of the Vauxhall Square "twin towers" development.  The linear walkway would enable residents and commuters to traverse Vauxhall in the air, as opposed to focing everybody to trek across the interchange.  Some local residents are arguing that raised walkways were a feature of sixties architecture that should be abandoned on account of their inaccessibility and inhospitality and through suggesting that they can be crime hot spots.  CLS disagree and maintain that since (if granted permission), they'll own and maintain the Vauxhall walkway, it can be designed in such a way that anti-social behaviour can be minimised.

Today CLS have announced that they've shortlisted 5 companies, all who've created different Linear Walkway designs and they're showcasing all of the designs on the Vauxhall Square website.  I've given them all rude nicknames.  I think I slightly favour "Hire-a-forest", but since I'm not in favour of an aerial walkway and would rather TFL abolish the interchance, I'm not sure whether it matters too much.  However, I'm happy to have my mind changed....  Can you make arguments in favour of "Futuristic Crystal Jubille Line" or do you prefer "Rollercoaster Speedtrack"?

First up, we have the "Starfish Slinky" design from Explorations Architect.  I remain unconvinced that running a giant slinky (remember the 1980s?!?) through Vauxhall is quite the way forward:

Secondly, there's the mysterious "Grassy Swiss Cheese" design from Heneghan Peng Architects.  The design is so abstract that it's difficult to tell quite what it is from the drawings....

Next, take a look at what I'm calling "Futuristic Crystal Jubilee Line" design from Knight Architects.  I'm not convinced that converting a straight walkway into an undulating walkway really helps with the 300 metre bridge issue, but nevermind:

Now we'll move on to "Hire-A-Forest" from Marks Barfield architects...  Involves lots of trees.  Never knew that it was possible to import greenery in quite this way.  Wonder what it would look like in autumn ;-) :

Finally, here's "Rollercoaster Speedtrack" from RFR architects.  I do hope it wouldn't be orange!!:

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Anonymous said...

AS an architect, I am a fan of innovative solutions. However this skywalk is neither innovative nor a solution. It will not solve any of the problems in the area to do with connectivity because it travels parallel to the least desirable path and over the station. anyone going in that direction is highly unlikely to go up a flight of steps for no reason I enquired whether CLS could justify the footfall for this foolish scheme at the public exhibition and was only told that they would be looking in to it. And then there is the design! All of these proposals are totally unimpressive, even in comparsion to the current (and virtually brand new i might add) bus station. Frankly they should stop wasting everyone's time and commit the millions that this would have cost into upgrading the appauling mainline station.

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