Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New scarecrows for Cottington Community Garden

Back in February, there was a furore on Twitter, as Cottington Community Garden Centre declared that it's scarecrow, J-Lo had been stolen.  Despite plenty of folk putting the word around, she was never recovered, so they've had to obtain two new scarecrows. (What's the plural of scarecrow?).

If you wish to attend the unveiling of the two new "royal residents" (that provides a big clue), there will be a scarecrow unveiling and a greenhouse launch on Saturday 2nd April at 12pm at Cottington Community Garden (Opal Street, SE11).  More info here.

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radar said...

Plural of scarecrow.. as you say, "scarecrows" but the collective noun for crows is "murder", so we would have a "murder of scarecrows". Couldn't be more Steven King if you tried; no wonder some people find them creepy.

"Our murder of J-Lo scarecrows", then?

"Keep digging!"

"Where else will we hide the bodies?"

[titters. apologies]

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