Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Vauxhall Civic Society AGM tonight

Vauxhall Civic Society are holding their AGM tonight (7pm for 7:30pm) at St Peter's Church, SE11.  A representative from the US Embassy will come to the meeting to speak about their plans. 

Vauxhall Civic Society have a fantastic new website with a very comprehensive and amazing archive of historical material about Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall.  Take a look here.  They're also running an excellent news section, with snippets of information about events in the area.  (I wonder how they heard that the Queen Anne pub was to become a theatre) :-)


No longer anon said...

Unrelated question, perhaps worthy of debate, where exactly is "Oval", in terms of a neighbourhood?

There is The Oval, which inspired the name of Oval Tube Station, Kennington, and Oval Playhouse. But all are in Kennington.

If there is anything more than an estate agent contrived "Oval", then it would surely include the Kennington Park Business Centre and, for that matter, Kennington Park itself!

I think "Oval" as a neighbourhood is a way for people in West Camberwell and North Stockwell to separate themselves from their true roots. And in the process, deprive Kennington of some of its gems.

If you live near Oval Station, then you either a) live in Kennington, near Oval tube or near The Oval, or b) live in Camberwell (or Myatts Fields) near The Oval, or near Kennington...or North Stockwell near Oval tube station in Kennington.

Or maybe I have missed the point. If so, can someone show me a map and highlight Oval as a neighbourhood.

Jason Cobb said...

I live at The Oval.

Anonymous said...


clearly the ward is not the sole definition but you can understand why people might refer to oval

No longer anon said...

Interesting map. I stand corrected. Vauxhall Bridge, Vauxhall station, Vauxhall Park, Kennington Park, the "Welcome to Kennington" fountain and marker, the Kennington Business Park etc. are all in Oval!

I live in Oval, the bit near Kennington Park.

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