Thursday, 30 September 2010

Accident on Kennington Park Road near Kennington Park Place

An accident occurred at approximately 6:30am this morning causing commuter chaos in Kennington.  The accident occurred on Kennington Park Road (the A3) at the junction between Ravensdon Street and Kennington Park Place and appears to have been between two cars (a mini-style vehicle and a range-rover style vehicle).  The collision looks to have been head-on and one witness reports seeing ten men removing the roof of the smaller vehicle to rescue one man from the wreckage.  The injured man was reportedly not unconscious at the time of rescue, so we're hoping there have been no fatalities.  The smaller car looked to have been entirely decimated, and large amounts of plastic/metal debris are strewn across the road and pavement.

Large sections of Kennington Park Road were closed off (between Braganza Street and Kennington Road), causing the surrounding roads to be flooded with traffic.  The police expected the road to be closed for a couple of hours whilst the aftermath of the accident was cleared, and I noted about 15 police personnel at the scene. 

Quite a few people seem to have googled the incident this morning looking for more details, as is always the case when there's a road accident.  If you have more details eg. you witnessed the accident, or you know the outcome of any of the people involved in the accident, and wish to confirm their condition, feel free to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Cycled past this morning at around 8:30. Road still closed. Had to walk.

Smaller car had obviously had roof removed by fire dept. Debris of small car still in middle of road, larger car off to the left hand side.

Saw airbags had been activated in both cars so hopefully no serious injuries..

Both cars must be a write off

Liz said...

No update beyond the fact that the road was still closed at 8.45 but if anyone is interested to see the extent of the damage, here's a link to a couple of snaps I took. (don't worry, no people in them, just the vehicles).

Carol said...

That is scary! Hoping for their speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with those who got affected.

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