Monday, 20 September 2010

New Pier at St George Wharf Vauxhall and new shops in Kennington Road / Kennington Park Road

(Image taken from Lambeth Planning database and Copyright 2010 Beckett Rankine on behalf of St George).

Heads up to Vauxhall Society for mentioning a new pier at St George Wharf, Vauxhall.  Due to the vagaries of the Lambeth Council planning system, I don't get an auto alert for every new development / shrub pruning etc. taking place in SE11.  It's particularly difficult when this Lambeth patch is split into Princes, Oval and Bishops wards, and sometimes developments of local interest to residents are proposed for the Albert Embankment or down even as far as Vassall ward.  Parts of SE11 are even under the remit of Southwark Council, so tracking it all is tricky.  Consequently, I missed (and I'm sorry I did so) the planning application for a taxi pier at St George Wharf.  It's presumably another transport method to serve the new tower, but it should provide a fantastic service for local residents too.  It turns Vauxhall into a mega 5 pronged transport hub (train station, tube station, bus station, Boris Bike station and river service station).  I'm a huge supporter of the idea, and would have promoted it thoroughly here had I happened to notice it earlier (the consultation is now over).  Anyhow, take a look at the application on the Lambeth Planning database here here - 10/02300/FUL.

As you may remember from my "whatever happened to Vauxhall pier?"  post several months ago, I could never understand why this wasn't built when the main section of St George Wharf was constructed, but I'm delighted to see it might arrive (depending on outcome of Lambeth Planning Committee).  It appears that would be partly located on St George Wharf land, but only the edge.  The rest of it floats in the Thames:

In other news, a new Londis shop (if the banner is anything to go by) is to be opened at 228 Kennington Park Road and somebody has applied (10/02931/ADV) to put an illuminated sign outside of 220 Kennington Park Road (which has been a very sad and sorry looking empty laundrette for some time).  I need to check I've got this in the correct order as I'm not 100% sure that the Londis sign isn't in 220 Kennington Park Road.  Can anybody confirm? 

236 Kennington Park Road (the old Corine's Cafe) was meant to be turning into a chiropractic practice, but I've not seen any sign of it yet.

I noticed a man (on Sunday) busy refurbishing what was formerly Supreme Motorbikes at 113 Kennington Road next to the Grand Union bar.  I received an email from a reader to say that the unit will be taken over by Chas Bikes, a firm that is currently based at Great Suffolk Street in SE1 and which has been providing service there for 20 years.  If the testimonies on his website are anything to go by, he'll be a fantastic asset to the area for local bikers.

And finally, as one Tweeter noticed, the Kennington Road tattoo parlour (Tattoo end) has opened (after a ridiculous debarcle, involving somebody objecting and pretending to be Gary Phillips, the Lilian Baylis head teacher, reported by the SLP).   The tattoo parlour should fit in just nicely with the estate agents, but be careful not to go to the wrong place after visiting a local pub.  It might be difficult to get the "For sale" tattoo removed in a falling London housing market :-)


Mark L said...

Good news. However it took a bit of wading through the documents to unearth exactly what services are anticipated. It seems to be:

- Commuter buses
- Occasional private hire (charter) boats

But oddly they plan on a passenger volume of <20 per hour. I can only assume that they're going to arrange for Vauxhall to be a stop on the Putney -> Blackfriars service (6 EB morning services, 3 WB evening). It's a pretty miserable effort.

Not to mention the actual design of the pier: - it literally looks as though they've gone for the cheapest pontoon that they can find. It doesn't even seep to have a canopy!

Call me a cynic, but it seems as though they've gone for the minimum effort possible, so that they can market the tower as having a pier.

SE11 Lurker said...

Cynic. Once it's in place, it could be used much more extensively. The expense is likely to be in putting in the pier (although I'm not going to defend the model they've chosen on account of you clearly knowing more about piers than I), and once it's there, the current services are more likely to incorporate it in their route plans.

Commuter buses wouldn't be such a bad thing. It would make it easier for Vauxhall folk to get to places like Wapping, Bermondsey, Canary Wharf, and maybe, eventually Battersea! And I can imagine some of the weekend pleasure cruisers using it too.

Mark said...

I know nothing about pontoons! It just looks far less attractive and far more basic than some of the others on the river, so I am assuming (rightly or wrongly) that it would be cheaper.

I'd be very happy to use the boat to go to work - but have you seen the season ticket prices? Chelsea - Blackfriars is £206 / month! Compared to £99 / month for a travelcard, I think it will sadly remain the preseve of people doing one-off trips and people with cash to waste.

Mark said...

I have just realised that this is not helping my reputation as "transport Mark". Ouf. :)

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